1,000 Liverpool fans stranded due to delayed flights

Three flights due to take supporters to the Champions League final in Kiev have been cancelled, leaving around 1,000 people stranded. 

The airport supporters were meant to be flying into, has been unable to allocate times for aircraft, and that the problem "is with Kiev", the World Choice Sport website apologised and explained. 

A landing slot in Kiev Boryspil have not been allocated for the incoming six charter flights from John Lenon Airport in Liverpool. 

This implies more than 1,000 Reds fans are still without flight times or tickets, despite having booked the £950 trip weeks ago. 

Hundreds of fans are now set for a last-minute scramble to get to Ukraine after having their flights pulled at the last minute. Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson is working with his colleague in Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, in the hope that they can come up with an agreement for the flights able to be reinstated onto the schedule. 

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