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Fact About No.1 Bookshop In Akwa Ibom State "Akpan Lagos" by Ukpono Etuk

Who is Akpan Lagos?

By means of description, it's not a name, the Akpan you have been hearing about is the one that was staying in Lagos, who came back after 35 years of service in the Nigerian Army and then he started this bookshop which is now located at Akpan Andem Market.

How Many Years Has The Bookshop Been In Existence?

After retirement I have been in the business for about 19 years till now.

How Many People Patronize The Business?

I cannot count them because here at Akpan Andem Market, this has not ended the story. We had a shop at Ukpe service, later we moved to Etuk Street, then we moved to Aka Road until we decided to unify this store at Akpan Andem, right now we're we have our personal shop, so we have a lot of customers.

Sir What's Your Message Or Advice To People That Are Doing Business?

Well, I always like to say, business is not difficult to start, whatever you have you can use it to start a business, but it depends on how you take the business because business needs great attention and then you must be always, as I always like to say you must be early or punctual in business, infact business is better than even a working class person as per say because as I worked for 35 years in government, I have never seen the profit am seeing now in just 19 years, in fact business is more profitable than government work.

Where Can People Locate Akpan Lagos Bookshop?

People can locate us at Akpan Andem Market, A line, shop 56 Along Ndiya Street, you can enter through Aka Road, the six stores is unified together and that's the only single store, we have in Akwa Ibom State which is at Akpan Andem Market.

Thank you sir.

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