Literally it is said that the one who fetches the water is the same person who breaks the pot, that was the story of Loris Karius.

I believe he genuinely had a bad day. If you will agree with me, goalkeepers are the ones who celebrate the most when their team scores.

And having your star player on the playing list at the finals of the European Championship is the best motivation for a goalkeeper. To see that star player go off at a final match, not as the result of a red card or a fault of his, but due to an injury, is something that can make goalkeeper sick.

Mohamed Salah's departure was the beginning of Liverpool's woes, for they have not come to terms with the situation. To be able to win the game, they had to play as a team and not to play with Mohammed Salah.

They were playing with Salah in their mind on the feild of play. And their opponent saw their loophole and took advantage of that.

Loris Karius has been part of this campaign from the start, his performance, loyality and dedication was what kept him in the pole. Match after match, he was able to earn his position.

He has made very important saves for the team but it seems everyone has forgotten that and only remembers his mistakes. It's called human nature. Your good works are short lived in the mind but your mistake or falture lingers on. People can't mention your name without mentioning your mistakes yet your mistakes were not as much as your successes. Yet we are human and mistakes are part of our DNA.

Christino Ronaldo didn't have the best games but he was not the talk of town because his team won. It shows how negativity is married to losers.

Liverpool lost as a team, Loris Karius was not the cause of their defeat. Loris Karius is not Judas.

Any fan or team member of Liverpool who blames Loris Karius for their defeat and labels him as Judas, is the Real Judas of Liverpool.

Lets learn to help our friends and family who make mistakes or fail in any game of life to recover, to grow through what they went through, to learn from what they went through, to become better people, rather than killing them with blames, bad names and insults. When you do that, you scar their soul.

Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.


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