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Start farming and avoid stories that touch, find out how this user is maximizing Farmcrowdy

Everyone is talking about agriculture but my own experience nearly sent me bankrupt. My farming experience almost killed me, but let me start from the beginning… I have always wanted to venture into farming from an early age having grown up in the village with my grandmother, maybe it’s because I believe there is so much potential in the business, but every attempt at getting started and keeping up with it has been a serious pain. 

First, I started out with Catfish farming and lost millions. Then I tried to grow maize on my village farm in Oka with my brother supervising, but I had plenty stories, the farm is too small, fire caught the plantations, brother, thieves have stolen the fertilizer, too much gist. 

If that was all, it would have been good, in fact, recounting this story is so painful because I could have taken a shorter route and avoided all this headache in the first place. The next thing I know everything started falling apart. Later, I discovered that I was planting maize at the wrong season and the fertilizer wasn’t in the right mix along with some dishonest people working for me. Yet, these people were making mouth like they are the experts, they have it all sorted out. At the end of the day, I waited to harvest the remaining maize and prepare to sell. What no one tells you about agriculture is the wahala that is involved in selling when you harvest. 

We were many harvesting the same time and the price of everything I harvested crashed. I vowed that this was the end and I’ll just focus on my day job then I will return to the farm when I retire. But thankfully, I was relaying this story to a good friend of mine who had a smile on his face while I was recounting this horror story. My friend just shook his head and told me that he had already read a lot of similar stories online and that was why he took the safer and more guaranteed route. 


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