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In the sea, I believe there are lots of fish but some fishermen cannot get a catch because there are holes in their net. This is the story of some men and woman out there looking for partners but don't seem to find one, despite lots of singles out there. And they wonder "why am I not getting a partner of my own?" the answer is, "there are holes you need to fix in your net first".

Some people are single today because they are not looking for humans beings, they are rather looking for tribe. He or she is a potential spouse only if they come from my tribe. Marriage is between two children of God. The fact that he or she does not comes from your tribe does not make them an animal.

The very people who advised us on the choice of partner on tribal basis had their own experience at a certain age and time. That should not apply to you. Get to know that lady or gentleman for yourself before writing them off because of your great grandparent’s past. Their past is not your future, you can't have better future if you hold on to their bad past and use it as a guide.

For others, theirs has got to do with religion; it sad to know how religious denomination has separated us. As at now, Christians from one denomination who claim to be followers of Christ cannot marry from other denominations.

Go for a partner who has a good relationship with God and not someone who has a relationship with a church. There is a difference between Christ Like and Church Folk. Make sure you are equally yoked with Christ and not just equally yoke with the church.

It should be someone who believes in the same doctrine as you, so you won’t live your life fighting them to agree with you or take your stand. Look for someone who stands for the truth.

There are people who have allowed politics to divide them so much. You are seen as an enemy and cannot be their partner when you are from a different political party. Different ideas are what make us beautiful. So why treat a spouse like a political party delegate? Marriage is not an election.

Last but not the least, is how we classify others on based wealth. Marriage is not a social status as people see it. If that is so, Jesus Christ wouldn't have left Heaven with its angels and its streets of gold, for a bride called the church which is full of sinners here on earth filled with dirt and poverty.

These are holes we have created in our minds which is affecting our selection of spouses. Because of this sick mentality, many people feel they are not good enough for themselves, not to talk of being good for others.

Love goes beyond tribe, religion, politics and wealth. It is very true that not everyone will love or accept you, but the one who has love should be able to know that love is from God and God does not discriminate.

Love is not something you find, for no one has eyes to find people with love when they meet one. To find love is to find a true friend. A true friend loves you completely; they love you for who you are and not what you look like. Without friendship, one cannot find love. True love is found in true friendship.

In conclusion "But if a person isn’t loving and kind, it shows that he doesn’t know God—for God is love" - 1 John 4:8 (TLB).

Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.

Thank you for reading. This has been your Counselor and Motivator.


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