How I Was Almost Hypnotised By Two Men In Benin City

The following happened yesterday being Sunday... 

I and my mom went out to New Benin yesterday, On getting to ring road I dropped her off because she wanted to see someone in aruosa street around sakponba road. Immediately she left me, a guy approached me (he was very dark in complexion with black lips and red eyes probably gotten as a result of too much smoking). He said that he is from auchi and he was looking for Dr ujah herbal Centre which he said delivers pregnant women. I have never heard of him so I told him I don't know, as I was about to leave him, he now asked where we were, I told him ring road and all that, as we were talking, a guy walked past us(which I believe to be his accomplice). He now told me to help him ask the guy if he knows the place, which I did, the second said yes he knows the place and that it's along mission road and he said the man was the one who treated his brother when he broke his leg. 

The second guy now asked the first one why he was looking for the Dr ujah herbal Centre. The first guy now said that he he works in where they sell wood in auchi and that a big wood fell on a python and Killed it which made the snake vomit a golden egg abi na diamond he talk, I can't really remember. (He made an attempt to bring something out from his cloth which I didn't see) And that a woman offered to buy it for 460k but he refused to sell, that's why he is looking for the Dr ujah Herbal cantre. (Please note that while While all this was going on, I was in their middle and my mom tried calling me on my phone which I held on my right hand because she saw what was going on from afar. Can you believe that I didn't hear my phone ring nor feel the vibration).. 
The second guy now smiled and said;

"your luck don shine today o, oya thank this bros" which the first guy did, immediately he thanked me, I felt a sharp pain in my head like a migraine headache( I just can't explain it) and I felt like I wanted to faint. Immediately I regained myself and realized that I was in the middle of two strangers, and I sensed that something was fishy. 

I just told them that I had somewhere going and I left them. My mum called after answering the call, I saw her missed call which came in while I was with those guys. I realised that I was almost hypnotised but my jehovah God pass them.. 

As I was heading towards new Benin, I kept wondering what would have happened if they succeeded. Maybe they would have went away with my valuables or better still use me for ritual. Thank Jehovah God for saving me even through I am a sinner. 

And to think that my mum always warns me to avoid talking to strangers because of things like this, but I always brushed it off that she worry too much. Well this experience has made me to start taking her advice seriously..

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