THIS IS HOW YOU KEEP HER by Counselor Adofoli

One of the many things that amuses me is when some men, after realizing that their women cheated on them, will lock them up in a room, have sex with her for a long period of time as a form of punishment, and to show her how much of a man he is. Others go ahead to exercise their muscles on her, while some seize their women's phones, car, etc. put them under house arrest or set spies to monitor them; thinking any of these things will keep the woman with them. They have already lost the battle and all their effort is in vain.

Exercising your strength on her is not the solution. You were given that to protect her, shield her and not use it against her. We protect what we love. Fear is not love, so stop putting fear in her. That doesn't not keep her.

One thing men don't know is that, women leave mentally before they leave physically. The fact that she lies besides you each night, stay in your house or bear your name doesn't mean she is with you. Sometimes it is all fun especially from the beginning of the relationship or marriage until another man has her smiling, until you no longer make her smile.

Whether it's her ex, a friend, colleague, neighbour or house help who got her smiling, be careful, chances are you have lost her long time. If you want to keep your woman with you, you need to know they are emotional beings, the way you treat her affects her greatly. And anytime you lose her head, her body follows automatically.

Before you see your woman in bed with another man or happier in the company of another man, you've got to ask yourself what you are doing wrong. The other man might not be the problem, for you are the problem. Chasing those men away is not what keeps the woman or what it takes to make her happy either. There is nothing frustrating like seeing the woman with you not happy.

To her, you are a real man when you know how to keep her, improve her and  make her smile for no reason; not when you punish her or put fear in her. A real man never makes her woman cry for he knows there are a bunch of idiots waiting to wipe her tears.

A real man listens to his woman. Anytime his woman complains of something, he sees that as a warning sign to fix something which needs urgent attention, something his woman is not happy about. He is thoughtful and looks for ideas and ways to surprise her.

A real man pays attention to little details, values little things in their relationship; little cuddles, little kisses, little walks, little shopping, little gestures, little compliments, little help at home, little supports.

Her man has a great conversation with her, doesn't get bored or tired of talking to her. A real man praises his woman, celebrates her and lets her know how blessed he is to have her in his life. He dresses her, takes her to the saloon, watch and admire how she is being transformed and pays for the cost.

It's not the joy of any woman to leave her man for another man. Most at times, their men push them away emotionally. Men need to know women are special; they can either become a blessing or a curse to them depending on the treatment they give them.

In conclusion "You husbands must be careful of your wives, being thoughtful of their needs and honoring them as the weaker sex. Remember that you and your wife are partners in receiving God's blessings, and if you don't treat her as you should, your prayers will not get ready answers" - 1 Peter 3:7 (TLB).

Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.

Thank you for reading. This has been your Counselor and Motivator.

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