TO LOVE HER AFTER BROKEN by Counselor Adofoli

It's difficult to love a woman who has been through broken heart. There are lots of men who tried but failed and a lot more still trying. It takes a special kind of man to deal with her.

One minute, she’s happy. Next minute, she’s sad. One minute, she’s calm. Next minute, she’s upset. One minute, she isn’t stressed. Next minute, she’s over-thinking.

One minute, she knows what she wants. Next minute, she doesn’t. One minute, you feel like she’s there. Next minute, she’s distant.

One minute, she’s nice to you. Next minute, she’s mad at you. One minute, she’s caring. Next minute, she gives off that “I don’t care” attitude. One minute, she’s lovey-dovey. Next minute, she’s heartless.

Despite her being that way, she could be the best woman you’ve ever met. She knows how to treat a man and you may never find another woman as real as her.

It won’t be easy, though. There will be times where she’ll make you feel like pulling her hair out or punching a wall, but if you’re able to put up with her, then she will make it worth your while.

It's not your responsibility as a man to break down her walls, nor to prove you’re not like the men before you. It's not your responsibly as a man to fix her, nor to mend her broken heart and put her broken pieces back together again. She needs to take care of that herself.

Your job as the man in her life is to prove you are trustworthy, safe, and stable. It’s your job to show her how you react to stress and pressure, to prove you can 'handle' a woman like her without yelling, fighting or running away.

It’s your job to hold her, allow her to lean on you, gather strength from your power. It's your job as a man to be focused, confident and purposeful.

If you can do these, she will grow to love, adore you and never leave you.

Remember; a wise man doesn't choose a woman who just looks good in the team uniform, But chooses a woman who won't quit the team when he misses a winning penalty!!!

Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.

Thank you for reading. This has been your Counselor and Motivator.

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