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YOU NEED NO REASON TO SMILE by Counselor Adofoli

It was a beautiful experience for me to watch a day old baby smile. I asked myself why is he smiling? What could have caused him to smile? Well the simple answer is, God wants us to be happy. It is a priceless gesture, so cheap but expensive for a lot of people today.

As we grow, it is interesting to know that the number of times some people smile has decreased. They need reasons to smile these days. Their happiness depends on work, people, devices, food, party, etc.

Looking at the day old baby, he had no clothes on, no mobile phone, no toys, no girlfriend, no pizza, yet he smiled. The message he was communicating to me was, "I need no reason to smile". God desires us to be happy. And it is our duty to fight anything that steals our smiles.

It doesn't matter how we see life. Bad or good. You need to know God didn't give us a good or bad life. We were rather given just life. What we make out of it is up to us.

You don't need people to make you smile; you can't buy happiness either, it comes from within and was put there before we arrived on this earth. The baby might cry at some point in time to draw attention but that doesn't stop him from smiling wholeheartedly after the tears.

Stop getting worried over everything, always remember too much thinking only causes your own heart break and that has the power to steal your smiles. Things won't always go your way. Live simple. Live without expecting anything from people, rather expecting everything from yourself.

No matter how you are good towards people, they might not treat you same, so make sure your goodness doesn't become a sorrow to your soul. Don't let your goodness inconvenience anyone and never let your good intentions become someone's disturbance. Even when people around you don't acknowledge your kindness, don't get sad but be reminded that your father in heaven sees it and smiles because of what you have done.

You may love people but if they don't accept your love, please keep it to yourself. Don't get depressed because you feel you are the right partner for someone, don't push yourself on people knowing they don't appreciate your presence in their lives. You should never frustrate the life of someone because you want to do the right thing for them.

If they are good for you, they would have accepted you. If you were so important to them, they wouldn't have let you go. Smile when people reject you, smile when things don't go the way you want. Life is so simple, don't complicate it. Life is only as good as you think.

Smiles make you beautiful, it is a passport that will take you anywhere you want to go. It is infectious, it is contagious. Yet it costs nothing but that is exactly what someone lacks today. Give someone a free smile today, your beauty, just as I am giving mine to you now. It is the best gift you can give someone today, especially when your smile causes someone to smile.

In conclusion "A friendly smile makes you happy, and good news makes you feel strong" - Proverbs 15:30 (CEV).

Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.

Thank you for reading. This has been your Counselor and Motivator.


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