Lai Mohammed: Saraki is a liar, he nominated 24 of the 26 people from Kwara who got Buhari’s appointments

Today, in Sokoto, what is the electoral value of those who have decamped? You see, for you to properly understand this defections, I think we need the money look at the context under which it happened. 

The foundation for the defection was laid the moment and the day Dr Bukola Saraki emerged as the Senate president against the wishes of the political party. 

That's the beginning of the very turbulent relationship between the executive and the legislature. 

In all democracy, when the part controls the majority in the House, it determines who is the leader either in the Senate or in the House of Representatives. 

But Dr Bukola Saraki actually went against the wishes of the party by lobbying the opposition PDP to become the Senate president. 

Since then, we had very turbulent dispensation. As a matter of fact, we would not have suffered more at the executive in the hands of the legislators if the PDP person had been the Senate president. 

And people did not see the significance of the emergence of Ekweremadu as the deputy Senate president as an assurance that in the event of his impeachment as Senate president, he would be succeeded by the PDP. I think this is the reason for you to look at all these happenings as based on betrayal. 

But in all these, the party remains solid, we have no cause to be unnecessarily worried. Yes, we appreciate that in politics, we don't want to lose anybody, but it is better to have a loyal, trim, loyal team than to have disloyal, undisciplined and treacherous team. 

As time goes on, we would see true members of the APC who believe in what the party stands for remain. Honestly, we can believe that what happened, yes, they made some noise and a lot of razzmatazz, but when it comes to real electoral value, APC remains the party. 

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