Opinion: I keep asking where are the tons of rice in our local supermarkets!?

When I hear of the numerous projects done in Akwa Ibom State I'm literally baffled. Personally, and with all due respect to some of my friends who represents our dear Governor, I think a whole lot of the so-called projects are staged managed. Especially the industries, so-called. I'm an Intelligent Nigerian and Akwa Ibomite, I run a small business and pay salaries monthly. If you say there are industries in the state I'd like to see papers and agreements. Not just an arranged infrastructure for the pictures and the media.

I have not seen the pencil, syringe or paint or tomatoes as claimed. If they are there, then they should compete in the market. We should see them available.

How many of these 'industries' have Akwa Ibomites employed?

At best the so-called 'industry' is still in ideation stage, and the government is not directly involved in their business processes.

In March this year, I served as a consultant for a certain man who wanted to begin a big farm. He sent us to Osun, Ogun and Lagos to do some research in other farms. When we returned with our findings, he invested close to N50 million in tomatoes and will be investing a whole lot more in other cash crops. Just last month he had his 100% returns after the first 3 months of planting. The tomatoes are there and I can take anyone to see what is going on and to see the number of employment that farm has given. We are talking about hundreds. So how about the tomatoes project our Akwa Ibom State began?

Here's the challenge. Prove to me that the projects of Udom are not stage managed. Don't just show me pictures, I want to see for myself and ask questions.

In the last 3 weeks since the defection of Akpabio, more money has been released to the street than has ever been since Mr. Udom took over as Governor. Yet there was a continuous claim that there was no money. In 2019, apolitical individuals like me will have to be political and say things because whatever affects the people affects us business runners.

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