The Affair 1 by Ukpono Etuk

The Affair 1 by Ukpono Etuk

She checked the phone, it was her sister Ifeoma. She sighed. The latter has been asking for money to sort out her school fees.

She failed to understand that she was not working, that she was just a housewife.
"Hello Ifeoma", she blurted. A shany  voice at the other end responded, "Hello Ebere!, I just saw your husband come out of Casino's hotel with a lady, you know anything about this".

<"Ifeoma your jouing right", Ebere tried to laugh out but there was something disturbing about her voice.
"Ebere, I started suspecting came home with a lipstick stain on his shirt, but as usual, you laugh it out and called it a joke, I certainly hope this is a joke too. You better shine your eyes big sis, I never knew you to be dumb".

The line went dead. Funke face suddenly lost smile, It was now a frown. Emeka had been the only man, she had come to trust, love and bear children with.

They had travelled out of the country on several occasions and he was sure to give his two sons the best education in one of the best schools.

He use to take very care of Ifeoma, paying her school fees and house rent, plus feeding money till he discovered that the money was going to Ifeoma's boyfriend. To be continued...


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