Couple reveal herbs that treat staphylococcus, syphilis, gonorrhea and related infections by Ukpono Etuk

 I and my husband suffered and battled with staphylococcus infection for so many years; it affected my marriage and really ate into our finances. We were unable to sustain tangible savings due to frequent purchase of medicines and regular hospital visits. The infection affected our health so much that we suffered painful symptoms including infertility, even though the doctor told us that staphylococcus, sometimes doesn’t really cause infertility especially if it has not been residing in the body for long. I suffered from severe itching and discharges while my husband suffered from unpleasant discharges and worm-like movements in some parts of his body. I also had painful and odd coloured periods. 

My doctor recommended a very powerful antibiotic and also placed both of us on some injections. But despite all this recommendations and close monitoring, we did not get desired results. All our invested efforts, money and time yielded no result, instead the infection was going back and forth. There were times we thought it was all over only for the symptoms to resurface after a few months and at a point we almost lost all hopes, especially after I read online that staphylococcus aureus and ecoli are two of the most common infections affecting couples in Nigeria with high resistance to antibiotics. 

We kept visiting hospitals and doctors until I met a health expert, Mr Charles Ogbonna, who recommended a herbal treatment that has helped some men and women treat infections like staphylococcus, urinary tract, gonorrhea, syphilis and other infections. The herbal remedy is formulated to treat it from the root cause of the problem and put an end to the infection in the body system. I pleaded with my husband to let us give it a trial because he was already tired of the “no desired result” situation we had experienced in the past, the pains and the financial implications. 


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