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Arc.Nya-Etok Ezekiel....i stand with - Alex George

That change we need in Akwa Ibom – Alex George

Every time election comes there is the quote of minor says” I support ‘that’ political party” same political party your ex leader left for the opposition party, now he tagged the guilt one; painted in a ‘unorange’ color. Let’s put blame the white man for bringing civilization, without actually bringing the concept of been bias and, we echo “it’s my life”. Today i am lost at this junction ‘what sacrifice did they make?’ and 20 October 2018 we ranked number 1# poorest country in the world, and we keep recruiting same  leaders from caucus of the “8years my birthright”.

Today, my state Akwa Ibom produces OIL than any state in Nigeria, and still we cannot boast of a working industry that has employed more than twenty personnel’s, Shame on the illicit literacy of youthful minds that lose their life’s just to make ‘said ’politician get elected into public offices. Have you ever thought of the African quote that says “sins of the fathers would always come upon their sons”, very lie they tell us.
One day but not today, tomorrow would never come I say. They charge the hungry Nigerian youth with #500 telling them its ‘our’ party’ do what you have to do for ‘us’ we must win at all cost, how did we youth get to these place?, and how did we lose that sane philosophic thought that we are the future, that you should know my fellow ‘comrades’ has surely passed.
 A friend told me on this day 22/10/2018 “Alex what would achieve?” I said nothing would change because we are members of political parties, charged to a do or die affair, my fellow youth are hungry and jobless, our fathers and mothers are been owed their pensions and now live from hand to mouth, roads leading to our houses are filled with water logged potholes, and to hit Nigerian graduate without a job head on the wall ‘a retired Head of Civil Service 2017 is appointed to the same post on contract! And is still to date, decades of piled up corruption placed with absolute abuse of political power
I don’t stand with any political party. I stand with a man I have never met; I stand with Arc -Nya-Etok Ezekiel


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