Lady narrates her experience with corporate Keke Napep rider in Lagos by Ukpono Etuk

Majority of youths in Nigeria have learnt to create jobs for themselves. These categories of people are obviously not interested in waiting endlessly for a job they are not sure would come their way. Such was the case of this young tricycle rider in Lagos. The young man decided to create a job for himself and he is doing very well. 

A lot of people have taken to social media to sing his praises due to his hardwork. A beautiful young lady identified as Chena (@ChenaOnuorah), took to her Twitter handle to share the pictures of this tricycle rider. She stated that his Keke Napep is very neat, he is polite and also gives sweets to his passengers. 

Her post reads: “I've heard so much about this corporate tricycle driver. And I'm finally in his tricycle!!!! So polite, neat and he's got sweets. Awesome stuff. I gave him a tip and he gave me his complimentary card. Haha.” 

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