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First Date Brouhaha...

This post is for Ladies and Gentlemen....This may have happened to you before or about to happen...............Lets discuss it...

I used to be the 'Order anything I want''Kinda person but living abroad changed my thinking...The first time i watched a couple sitting near me and my hubby in a very expensive Restaurant,I noticed they were a new couple and she had only asked for a glass of wine and took a long time ordering,when her order came,it was not much but when they asked for the Bill,she asked to pay for hers and i was shocked and kept looking at the guy to see if he would say No,he didn't and they both paid and left kissing...

I saw it happen lots of times and i Investigated it and found out that No Lady will go out with you without having her own money or card to pay for what she wants,so they buy what they can afford and stick to their wallet size.....

Someone i know who just relocated told me he took a German babe out on a date and he avoided the expensive stuff but she ordered for it,he said he could not concentrate because he didn't have enough money to cover her order but lo and behold she asked to pay for her Bill and he pretended to be upset about it...After that day,she refused to go on another date with him and he wanted me to tell him what he had done wrong...I told him!!!!

If you have your own money,buy what you want and pay for it,no matter what he says...If you are broke and Jobless then I guess it would be on point to ask him what his budget for the Dinner is,no time to shame oh.........These are my view.

What is yours!!!

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