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In the last days, perilous times shall come


In the beginning of creation, God bequeathed to mankind a world of perfection and peace where humans are expected to live in harmony with one another. Fast-forward to the present world of today, and you will see that it is a complete contrast to God’s initial plan. We see a world plunged in utter chaos, crime and turmoil, among others. The reason for these transformations is not far fetched
In fact, it is in fulfilment of the scriptures that as the earth grows near its dying days, the world would be thrown into utter peril (2 Timothy 3:1). It went further to give an apt description of the evil to be perpetrated by mankind.
We have to be reminded that no one is immune to the sin and peril of the last days, because we are all offspring and descendants of the first man, who by virtue of their disobedience in the Garden of Eden passed that seed of sin and wickedness down through generation. The only one true way we can be free and insulated from these evils is through Jesus Christ, Who was conceived not by man but by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
It is pertinent to make that decision to ensure your safety here in the world and assurance of a Joyous eternity with the Lord. There is basically no fun and reward in a life of sin, as it breeds only guilt, death and eternal anguish (Ezekiel 18:20). Would you rather continue in sin, living with the guilt it brings? Would you lose eternal happiness or embrace salvation and enjoy peace of mind, safety in the Lord and ultimately fellowship with Our Lord in eternity? Christ died for our sins (1st Corinthians 15:3) His blood was shed for our sake (Matthew 26:28) It is the only way known to man to escape the dangers of this present world and a place in glorious eternity. Wouldn’t you rather do the needful now? Go on your knees and bare all to Christ, repent of your sins. (Act 3:19) Be committed to your decision and you shall continue to have victory, peace of mind and joy of a place in heavenly eternity.
Peace be with you
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