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Tumultuous Crowd witnessed Udom’s Flag Off, Shut Down Uyo

2019 POLLS: Tumultuous Crowd witnessed Udom?s Flag Off, Shut Down Uyo

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, has flagged off his reelection  campaign in Uyo while showcasing  his 2019 manifesto called  “Completion Agenda,” for the collective peace and prosperity of Akwa Ibom people. While Speaking at the event, Governor Emmanuel highlighted that the 8-point completion agenda, which centers on Industrialization, Aviation Development, Rural & Riverine Area Development, Small & Medium Scale Enterprise, Infrastructure, Security, Agriculture and Human Capacity Development, will massively  industrialize the state and generate employment opportunities for Akwa Ibom people, thereby providing for  peace and prosperity for all, as it is the most effective and realistic document for good governance.

Mr Udom added that his manifesto of Completion Agenda surpasses psuperior performance and promises to turn Akwa Ibom State into one of the most industrial states in Nigeria, and that his first term
iindustrialization drive would over-driven during his second term, as his commitment to industrialization, youth employment, peace, security and property, and to provide environment for small & medium scale enterprises is irrevocable.2019 POLLS: Tumultuous Crowd witnessed Udom?s Flag Off, Shut Down UyoThe Governor reassured and reaffirmed his faith and believe in the Completion Agenda, and explained that “Three and a half years ago, we anchored our blueprint on a five-point agenda. Today, we have taken stock of what we have done well. From power sector to health sector, education, industrialization, economic development, inclusion, youth & women empowerments, poverty alleviation and security.”
He said every good manifesto must have promises that are measurable. “In the face of economic recession, in the face where the international community did not believe we were still existing in Nigeria due to bad news of insecurity, the whole world can testify that there is still good thing coming out of Bethlehem. There is something good coming out of Nigeria, there is a good state coming out of Nigeria, there is a governor out of Nigeria and there are people out of Nigeria that the entire world can trust no matter the propaganda and lies. Akwa Ibom people are not traitors but people of integrity and proven character who love one another and build the unity of the state.”2019 POLLS: Tumultuous Crowd witnessed Udom?s Flag Off, Shut Down UyoSpeaking further, Governor Emmanuel expressed worry how people would build monuments and called it projects, stressing that there is a difference between monuments and projects, and that he did not come to complete monuments but to complete projects – economic life-touching projects.
“The same people promised 31 industries but could not do even one. Within three years, we have come out with an exceptional scorecard because we are playing politics of development. With a global market value of over $2.76 billion, Cassava is the most important tropical root crop. We are positioning Akwa Ibom State to become a major exporter and tap into the global trade. The best internal substation in the city has been commissioned and put to use in the state.”


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