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15 Exotic Animals Trying To Take The Best Pet Title Away From Dogs 1

Here Are 15 Exotic Animals Trying To Take The Best Pet Title Away From Dogs

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We here at BarkPost have never questioned that dogs are the absolute best, but it never hurts to review why. So we decided to see how some of the more exotic pets stack up against man’s best friend. Meet 15 pets that prove dogs are the best friend a person could have.
1. The Scorpion

Not to start off with the obvious, but really? A poisonous arachnid? Do I even need to say why dogs are better than a venomous, creepy, eight-legged insect? I didn’t think so. Next!
2. The Bearded Dragon
Technically called the Pogona, the Bearded Dragon has a reputation for being calm, friendly, and easy to transport. But here are two things that it’s not: 1) Cute and 2) Cuddly. No snuggling? Major minus points.
3. The Sugar Glider
Don’t let this derpy marsupial’s whiskers fool you. If you think your dog poops too much, never shuts up, and stinks too bad, then guess again. The Sugar Glider, aka the Sugar Baby, has four scent glands for marking territory. Four! And did I mention it has the gift of flight? I can just see the poop on the curtains now.
4. The Tarantula
It may be soft and fuzzy, but it’s certainly not cute. Still the tarantula is pretty harmless. Its bite is not fatal, it doesn’t eat much, and apparently you can play with it. But it’s still a big frickin’ spider!

5. The Hissing Cockroach
People keep roaches as pets? Why? Just why? There’s only one kind of bug allowed in my home. A cuddlebug (a.k.a a doge).
6. The Hedgehog
Okay, so far the score is “Dogs 5, Exotics Pets 0.” Will the hedgehog be the first to score a cute point against pups? The hedgehog is a genuine cutie, but this nocturnal creature will be up all night spinning its wheel while you’re trying to sleep. And they certainly don’t meet the cuddle criteria. I mean, look at them. They’re covered in SPIKES.
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