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2019 Africa’s Rich & Famous and How They Made Their Money

Aliko Dangote, Isabel dos Santos, Mike Adenuga © Reuters

There are a lot of really interesting things about the remarkable continent of Africa. From the natural beauty and resources to the different cultures and all they have to offer, Africa is truly amazing. What people might not have realized about Africa is that it also has its share of billionaires and millionaires.
These charismatic, wealthy individuals have their own unique backstories and ways they obtained their riches. The richest Africans in the world run businesses operating in many different industries.
These industries include textiles, food production, agriculture, diamonds, communication, and more. Diversification and investments also have helped generate a lot of wealth. Click through to see the world’s wealthiest Africans.
Aliko Dangote © Reuters

Company: Dangote GroupNet Worth: $14.1B
Country: Nigeria
A list of Africa’s richest would not be possible without Aliko Dangote. His net worth is $14.1 billion, making him the richest man on the continent. Aliko was born in Kano, Nigeria.
He owns the Dangote Group. The Dangote Group owns stakes in many different industries. What really helped Dangote get his start was cement.
Aliko owns Dangote Cement, which is Africa’s largest producer of cement, making more than 44 million tons of cement annually. The Dangote Group has stakes in sugar, flour, and salt manufacturing companies as well, giving it a diversification edge.
Mike Adenuga © Reuters

Company: GlobacomNet Worth: $4.2B
Country: Nigeria
Born in Idaban, Nigeria, Mike Adenuga has a net worth of $4.2 billion. He owns the company Globacom. Globacom is the second-largest telecommunication provider in Nigeria.
In addition to owning Globacom, Adenuga also has stakes in several ventures. He owns investments in the Equitorial Trust Bank and Conoil. Conoil is an oil exploration firm that has proven to be very lucrative for Adenuga.
He got his first oil drill in 1990, and, just one year later, he struck oil. Adenuga’s company was the first indigenous drilling company to achieve this.

Company: CevitalNet Worth: $3.2B
Country: Algeria
With a net worth of $3.2 billion, Issad Rebrab resides in the same country in which he was born: Algeria. The Algerian businessman founded Cevital, which is Algeria’s largest privately-owned company.
Rebrab founded Cevital in 1998. From there, it has expanded into tons of different industries. Rebrab’s company owns stakes in agriculture, food sectors, retail sectors, and services related to those industries.
Cevital didn’t just stop there. It has several subsidiaries as well, including EXAGON SAS, Alas Iberia, SLU, Ness-Prod, and more. Rebrab may have gotten his start in food production, but his businesses have expanded far beyond that.


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