Atiku Relying On Body Cameras From His Agents To Beat Buhari In Court

Atiku Relying On Body Cameras From His Agents To Beat Buhari In Court

Atiku Abubakar, competitor of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 presidential race, is sure of triumph when he formally founds a race appeal body of evidence against President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC), and SaharaReporters comprehends one noteworthy purpose behind this is the wide-going accessibility of video proof to back up his cases of non-casting a ballot, voter terrorizing, tallying station grabbing and devastation, unlawful vote undoing and conscious voter disappointment.

Educator Mahmood Yakubu, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), proclaimed Buhari the victor of the decision at precisely 4:39am subsequent to surveying APC 15,191,847 votes to Atiku's 11,262,978.

In any case, Atiku has officially dismissed the outcome, asserting, among others, the concealment of votes in his fortifications — an activity he depicted as "so obvious and unprofessional" and one that makes him "embarrassed as a Nigerian that such could be permitted to occur".

He therefore dismissed "the aftereffect of the February 23, 2019 hoax race" and promised to provoke it in court.

"We're going to court; that is the real thing we can do now aside from we're looking towards turmoil, and no one needs tumult," one of his partners, who asked for not to be named, told SaharaReporters.

"Furthermore, once more, there's a ton amiss with the decision figures. Dropped cast a ballot in Kano were over 2million; at that point the contrast between licensed voters and genuine voters is more than 700,000 there too, which appears there are a ton of inconsistencies in the figures. We are as yet working with a portion of the archives, and I realize that for like three days they've been assembling to an ever increasing extent."

He likewise said a great deal of the cases being made by Atiku and the PDP were supported up by video recordings, as the gathering arranged ahead of time for the apparatus by sending operators with shrouded cameras to the field.

"There are a great deal of recordings, obviously, in light of the fact that there were body cameras on a portion of the operators that went to the surveying units and ward resemblance focuses," he said.

"Those ones will be offered as proof; and there are some different ones I won't need you to be conscious of until further notice.

"Atiku has put forward to go to the Supreme Court, so he isn't notwithstanding thinking about the council. Obviously we'll begin with the council however we realize that once the court gives a judgment, the President will request against it if the judgment is against him. The approach Atiku has given us is for the Supreme Court. He is going hard and fast; he is going absolutely for it. Atiku isn't somebody that will begin something and will stop most of the way without seeing it off till the very end. He's going full scale."

In facilitation to his prior dismissal of the outcome, Atiku is set to address a question and answer session any minute from now.

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