Ghanaian female fashionista breaks open of she not in a relationship with JAVISH

Ghanian based female public figure  ESSI ANGEL MENSAH breaks silence of she not be in a relationship with Nigerian male model JAVISH WILLZ  who actually declared his intentions of having her as his future wife.
These statements was said by ANGEL ......" I like him alot
Buh we ain't dating.
ESSI ANGEL MENSAH is currently the  CEO of ANGELS PLACE which is situated in the heart of Lagos State
ANGEL Is said to be 5years older than JAVISH.
They both got to know themselves when they met during a party  that was held at labadi beach, Accra Ghana.So henceforth He began declaring love intentions for her.
She also actually took a flight to Lagos Where the Nigerian male model JAVISH hosted her.
She and Javish have spotted together on various occasion and rumors travels far that she is dating him,but she has now cleared her intentions of not being in a relationship with the Nigerian male model JAVISH.

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