How To Control Cancer With Power Food

There are some foods known as power foods which have tremendous defense against cancer.

These power foods are called "phytonutrients". They include:

1. Isoflavones: Isoflavones are natural estrogens found in soybean and soya products. It contains cancer-fighting properties. Some studies conducted in China have shown that a daily consumption of soyabean products reduces the risk of cancer of the stomach, breast, prostate, colon and of the lungs.

At least two anticacinogen have been identified in soyabean. These include Isoflavones and saponin. So in an attempt to battle and prevent cancer, soyabean product should be a regular diet.

These products include:

1. Roasted soya nuts.

2. Soyabean flour

3. Soya bean cheese.

4. Soya bean milk at least a cup every day.

Whatever you can make of soyabean is welcome. Just keep eating all kinds of soyabean products. How does soya product work? You need to know that cancer creates new blood vessels so they can continue to grow and nourish their out-of-control cells.

The  potent phytonutrients in soyabean often block the formation of these new blood vessels and as a result starve the tumors. 'Soy's phytoestrogens actually inhibit the ability of cancer cells to reproduce themselves and grow into tumors.

2. Some other phytonutrients includes:

a. Lycopene, these can begotten from raw TOMATOES. It is an anti oxidant, which aids cancer prevention and heart protection.

b. Sulphoraphane: This is available in broccoli which aids cancer prevention and cell detoxification.

c. Polyphenol: This is available in GREEN TEA which also aids cancer prevention antibacterial detoxification.

d. Organo-Sulphur: This is available in GARLIC for immune system enhancement.

e. Flavonoids: This is available in raw Onions and Apples for heart protection and cancer prevention.

f. Elliagic Acid: Available in strawberries, grapes and walnuts. These all contain anti-cancer properties.

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