Sierra Leone lady: ‘Have s3x at least 2 or 5 times per day’

'Have s3x at least 2 or 5 times per day' – Lady, says

A Sierra Leone lady possesses herself trending on social media when she shared an important message advising people to own sex more actually because it helps to improve the health

According to the lady, everybody should endeavour to own sex frequently as a result of it does plenty of fine to the body.

Sharing her opinion on Valentine’s day, she listed the important of frequent sex

She said:
“S3x, good s3x, at least 4, 5 times in a week. Just get s3x. S3x is good for the heart. Make love for at least 5 or 6 days in a week. 2 or 5 times per day. And see your health condition. S3x is cardio. E dey help the heart, e dey help the immune system. E de build up your self esteem…….. “

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