Woman Shares shocking Story Of however a lady nearly Lost Her Life whereas making Valentine Preparation

A Nigerian lady took to Facebook to warn those celebrating Valentine to try and do it with all manner of carefulness as she revealed however a girl nearly lost her life last year due to trying to please her lover.

The lady, identified as Chukwuba Chiluba said the lady almost died last year whereas marking the special day once she sprayed fragrance in her private parts.

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The young lady also likened f0rnication to witchcraft while sharing her opinion online.
She wrote,
Please don’t do anything stupid this valentine . By this time last year there was a girl that used perfume inside her private regions and got hospitalized, we almost lost her to the cold hands of death . You looked into your private part , eye ball to eyeball and sprayed a very harsh chemical inside it , what were your plans ?
This message goes out to virgins who will break their backs pleasing an asshole on Valentine’s Day. In a 2 star hotel . He don’t love you
But guess who loves you every single day, and he doesn’t need you to spray perfume inside your private part ?
Jesus loves you ! Don’t play yourself!”

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