Desirous Girlfriend Jailed After Stabbing Her Boyfriend To Death During Picnic

A 'fanatically desirous' lady who wounded her sweetheart to death with a grill stick has been imprisoned. Svetlana Boyarinova, 27, assaulted her accomplice amid a column when the couple were having an outing with companions at a lake in Russia.

She dove the 2ft long stick into Evgeny Solyanik's chest after she blamed the man for undermining her.

This was the most recent of various "aggressive behavior at home" assaults on the 26-year-elderly person who "never battled back".

He generally denied her continuous unfaithfulness allegations however telling his companions: "Maybe she utilizes dark enchantment to keep us together."

Boyarinova hauled out the stick and she and a companion took the man to medical clinic – where he was given emergency treatment.

Specialists even released him and the gathering returned to proceed with their grill cookout at Lake Kasargi in July a year ago.

Be that as it may, next morning Evgeny was sickly gravely and she surged him medical clinic where his heart and lung were observed to be harmed.

He kicked the bucket hours after the fact amid crisis medical procedure.

Boyarinova was kept that day blamed for murder in the wake of admitting to cutting him with the stick.

Presently she has been indicted slaughtering him by her "careless" activities and condemned to six and a half years in prison by a court in Chelyabinsk district.

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