Lady travels to Dubai to sleep with & eat poo of Arab men for money

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Hi, we shared a post before with the above title and a few people mixed up the character of the woman with that showing up on the screen capture of the Facebook post.

This is to address it and she has this to state:

Welcome everybody, seven days prior, I shared a post separated from a blog about the admissions of another person in regards to the risks of prostitution and the experiences young ladies who prostitute themselves in Dubai face.

Prior today, a blog posted my unique Facebook post and utilized a screen capture including my name on their site and online networking stages.

It shows up as though numerous individuals currently mistakenly think I am the Dubai young lady included.

I'm presenting this on let all of you realize that I am not, and the bloggers sharing my unique post ought to have cleared up this.

I am a capable spouse and mother who appreciates a flourishing association with my sweetheart husband and youngsters. I have additionally devoted my life to helping the less favored, and particularly youngsters by directing a month to month network outreach program under FabOgetTv.

While I don't censure the individuals who are into prostitution (we're grown-ups and all have our decisions and I regard that), I need to completely clarify that that isn't the manner by which I gain my own living.

I encourage the bloggers who, obviously accidentally, deceive the general population about the first post to share as well and let the world know reality.

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