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Mr Jollof pays school charges of young lady who was pursued out of school, set to change her school

Mr Jollof pays school fees of girl who was chased out of school

Mr Jollof has found and paid the school charges of young lady who was pursued out of school in Warri yesterday.

Recently, a young lady of around 7 or 8 was recorded raving after she was pursued from school for not paying school charges.

At the point when inquired as to why she wasn't in school, the young lady uncovered that she was sent home for not paying school charges. She at that point propelled into a tirade about how her school schould have whipped her and given her stay access school, instead of pursue her home.

She called attention to that it's not as though she wouldn't pay the expenses in the long run. She additionally included that on the off chance that they had flagellated her, they would be the ones to get drained.

Mr Jollof has now followed her down and paid for her school expenses, likewise paying for a school transport to Pick her day by day forward and backward.

He likewise guaranteed to change her school next term and enlist her in the best school in Delta state next term, and he additionally guaranteed to accept her as his kid and Sponsor her from now onwards till she Graduates from any University of Her decision.

Offering a video of himself to the young lady, he composed;

Achievement school expenses is been made due with this term so she can keep in touch with her examination. From next term she will continue in a standout amongst the best tuition based school in Saplele. Whatever treatment my children get, she will likewise get by the extraordinary elegance of God. We proceeded to pay for school transport that will pick and drop achievement, no additionally trekking to class. Achievement now na BETTER STYLE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!! I will deal with her training from now till she move on from University (She's presently my duty)

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