Nollywood actress Uche Okoye: “I want Wizkid to be the father of my child”

"I want wizkid to be the father of my child"- Nollywood actress Uche Okoye

Nollywood performing artist, Uche Okoye has made herself pattern via web-based networking media after she expressed that she needs to engage in sexual relations with Wizkid and be his fourth infant mom.

In a video she shared via web-based networking media, she expressed that her longing isn't about the vocalist's cash since she has enough to deal with herself.

"Hello folks, it's Nollywood performing artist, Uche Okoye, I'm here to let you know folks that I'm currently prepared to have my very own offspring presently, I'm 22 and I'm not getting any more youthful and I need Wizkid to be the dad of the kid.. So pass this video around, I need him to consider it, to be I know I'm lovely, I'm provocative, I'm delightful and I have cerebrums, I won't exasperate him since I have the cash to deal with myself… … ..",

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