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Olakunle Churchill: I met Tonto Dikeh at a night club

I met Tonto Dikeh at a night club รข€“ Olakunle Churchill

Tonto Dikeh's alienated spouse, Olakunle Churchill in a meeting with Azuka Ogujiuba, unveiled that he met her at a dance club in Lagos before they continued to getting hitched.

He additionally exposed cases that he hunched down in the performing artist's home amid the underlying phase of their relationship.

At the point when gotten some information about the disputable exposure his association with the performing artist is getting, Olakunle Churchill stated:

"At first l was troubled yet later the entire situation turned into a motion picture content, where the official executive, is the maker, content essayist and on-screen character all for the sake of cutting down and discoloring the picture of your ex, to the degree that individuals who were not part of our conjugal plans or who were not even aware of everything of our conjugal issues were employed and coaxed to come up with lies against me. She professes to be the provider of her family. It is safe to say that she is the Nigerians President's little girl?"

Whenever inquired as to whether he really met Tonto Dikeh at a dance club called Escape, Olakunle Churchill stated:

You mean hunching down? This is silly. Before I met the Nollywood performing artist, Tonto Dikeh, I was at that point a standout amongst the best youthful tycoons in Africa. I met her at a club, amid my sibling's birthday party in 2014 and it was about a similar time I obtained the most recent Benz vehicles. Three months after we met, she got pregnant. I have never truly remained in Nigeria for a really long time, since I work together in Ghana, despite the fact that I have an office at Ikoyi. She visited me in Ghana a few times and when she broke the news of her pregnancy three months into the relationship, I chose to visit her in Nigeria. I needed to visit her regularly, on the grounds that she was conveying my youngster.

I have never hunched down or lived with her and the main time we remained together was after the introduction of my child, which accompanied the endorsement of her folks, after I had totally fulfilled the conventional prerequisites for her settlement. I flew her to the United States to convey my kid in a standout amongst the best emergency clinics in America.

She remained at my family house in London couple of months after conveyance, before she came back to Nigeria. On her landing, I had effectively arranged an all around outfitted stunning condo for us – this was the sole occasions we lived respectively until the separation. We just lived respectively for a half year.

Still on the issue of hunching down, it will intrigue you to realize that Tonto will never wed or date a man who needs prospects or is fruitless. She gets a kick out of the chance to carry on with the life. We separated in 2016 at a house I recently procured for my mom in Lekki, Lagos State.

Our marriage was tormented with a few trivial cases of lie, running from abusive behavior at home to false charges and all what not. I never laid my hands on her. I have never done that in my life. She made up those things to dishonor my humanitarian works. I am from a legitimate restrained Yoruba home.

I was very much prepared and raised under the dread of God.

Marriage isn't by power thus I urge the whole open to disregard the unmerited supported web based life purposeful publicity which the performing artist has kept on filling. It would in the long run settle in the water-low.

It was as of late revealed that Tonto Dike was conceded full guardianship of your child. Is this valid?

All things considered, that was a supported production from a shabby extorting blogger. It isn't just false yet completely deceptive. Following an in-dept examination by my lawful group, it was uncovered that there was no such judgment conceded as the phony data which radiated from one blogger 'Cutie Juls', was a frantic move to criticize my identity. This has been a constant event in the previous three years to extort and legitimize the offering of her paymaster.

It's essential to note likewise that my legitimate group has exposed and undermined the bogus production of the supposed judgment by a standard court in Abuja allowing my ex full authority of our child. This was made known through an official disclaimer that expressed that the pointless report was only a negligible endeavor to divert me and make ridiculous significance. Strikingly, the standing court judgment requested that all archives of our child must bear the dad's surname by right and that the global international ID of King Andrea must be kept in the bank and will not be discharged aside from with a composed assent of the two gatherings. Be that as it may, she abused the court request by falsely getting another international ID for my child bearing her surname to fly the young man outside the nation. This illicit procurement of new international ID for King Andrea with 'Dikeh' as a surname, isn't just ill-conceived yet against the guidance of the court.

The open is by the disclaimer of my attorneys encouraged to dismiss the phony news making the rounds via web-based networking media about the full care of King Andrea Churchill allowed by the court as it's deceptive as well as adapted towards scoring modest social importance."

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