President Buhari: ”I want to leave behind a legacy of free, fair elections in Nigeria”

''I want to leave behind a legacy of free, fair elections in Nigeria'' - President Buhari
President Buhari today in Daura, announced that he would need to be recognized as a pioneer who kept his assertion that races in Nigeria must be free, reasonable and dependable.

Accepting Governor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State, who came to formally advise him of his decision triumph in last Saturday's Governorship survey, the President recognized Nigerians who regarded to his pre-race advances to cast their votes calmly.

The President who depicted last Saturday's Governorship and State Assembly races the nation over as to a great extent fruitful stated:

''I have kept up a position that races must be free and reasonable and individuals reserve the option to settle on their decisions and vote their souls. I am glad they comprehended the message and did only that.

''Power is an open trust that has a place with the general population. Power isn't by quality or knowledge however by Providence. Chosen people must be reasonable and just. This is the heritage I need to abandon. A pioneer must be reasonable and just. All pioneers ought to endeavor to do that.''

Representative Masari, who was joined by authorities of the All Progressives Congress (APC) party in Katsina State, expressed gratitude toward the President and the gathering for the help which prompted his unequivocal triumph on March 9.

The representative promised to work for the benefit of the general population of Katsina State, in accordance with the vision of the Next Level government at the middle.

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